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Friday, February 6, 2009

Luahan hati seorang rakyat Malaysia untuk Tuanku Sultan Perak

Berikut saya turunkan luahan hati seorang rakyat (baca:rakyat bukan lalat) untuk Tuanku Sultan Perak:

Name: H Wong
E-mail address:
Dear Sir
I am greatly sadden by the news that you have not consented to a snap election.I am from KL but when I visited Ipoh in December 2008. I decided to a poll on how the Pakatan Rakyat was doing. Example, The man who sold Chinese biscuits said that he is very happy. The PR govt is listening to the people and citizens are finally getting what they rightly should have. An UMNO division leader whom I spoke to in KL even said that he prefered to deal with Pakatan Rakyat government.

Clearly it is a hung assembly. Sir, How can you ascertain that the 4 who hopped won't hop again. Please allow fresh mandate. You spoke about a "museum piece" that you hope might not happen but ..... I now just wonder ... sigh !!!!

I must say that I have never felt more Malaysian than after the March 2008 elections where people feel that there is real hope for change in the country. After results, fellow Malaysians of difference races embraced each other. We attended events where Malays offered to share their tikar and gave food (even though just duku) to us. I didn't even mind when the gentleman near me started smoking. I was more courteous on the road and gave ways to my fellow drivers.

I felt a sense of "closeness" to fellow Malaysians. I have never felt this way in my whole life - 48 years. I spoke to some people and they felt the same way. There was a freshness in the air.

During the US elections adn inauguration, many of us knew what the Americans were feeling. A hope for a better US. We felt it right after the March Elections. A hope for a better Malaysia.

Sir, people wanted a change and in a way you have taken that away. It is indeed a real shame.

I am feeling so sorry for people of Perak and all Malaysians.

I am sure I sound "biadap" to some but I am a voice of a fellow Malaysian. You may appreciate frankness and the truth. I believe Pakatan Rakyat deserve a chance to continue.

Sir, I hope you will not take offence to this message.

Thursday, February 5th 2009 - 01:12:48 AM

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